How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate?

Right on!

How does the value of the work compare to the price?

I got exactly what I paid for.

How far in advance did you schedule the work?

More than 2 weeks.

How did you choose this contractor?


Have you used this company before?

This is the first time.

What did you like most about this contractor?

High quality materials and workmanship at a good price. Professional and easy to work with.

What surprises came up during the course of the work, if any?

They had found cracks in the chimney cap that we didn’t know about which could have caused leakage problems if left unaddressed.

What words of advice would you give others seeking this contractor?

Request a quote from them and compare it to other roofing quote experiences. Look at other homes that they have roofed (they give you a live of homes in the area) and judge for yourself.